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Window Film Saves Energy

Window film offers a cost-effective answer to upgrade older window systems to modern standards. Better still, quality window films are independently tested, certified, and labeled for their energy efficiency by the National Fenestration Rating Council – the same nonprofit organization that labels windows, doors, and skylights for performance.

Whether window film is installed on a home or commercial building it may deliver positive results by reducing energy use – especially at peak periods, cut down on hotspots and glare, help protect furnishings from fading and improve the lifespan of a building.

While window replacement is a complex and costly solution, window film is a retrofit application that offers a cost-effective answer to improve existing windows.

The best way to learn more about window film is to get in touch with us and learn more about the benefits of window film applications.



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Window Tint Works for All Types of  Commercial Property

One of the greatest aspects of window tint is its customization potential: no matter the volume, type, or shape of the windows of your commercial property, it is always possible to find the right type of window tint. From tint darkness to visibility to light transfer and more, we can help you select the properties you want for your commercial location and then can custom fit window tint that will work seamlessly with the architecture and construction of your property.



Commercial Security Window Film

Security window film can protect commercial real estate in many ways. Many Las Vegas commercial property owners/managers choose security window film that can prevent windows from shattering in the event of attempted smash-and-grab theft or that can minimize damage caused by an accident, weather event, or even a natural disaster. Depending on the location of your commercial property, anti graffiti window film is also a smart choice; sacrificial window film takes the brunt of the damage from spray paint, scratching, or acid etching, and is then easily peeled away to reveal the intact, undamaged windows underneath it. These specialized window films are totally transparent, and can also be used on all types of windows and even on mirrors and other surfaces.



anti-graffiti window film

Protect your windows from vandalism and graffiti with anti-graffiti window film which provides a barrier to protect your windows from damage. Avoiding window replacement is important to commercial property owners and tenants. Whether accidental or intentional, people often damage glass windows and doors. Repairing and replacing windows can be expensive and time-consuming.

Commercial anti-graffiti window film provides many other benefits besides protection from graffiti. Window film can be installed with a tint, which protects from damaging ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can be harmful to people and valuables. If exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, the brilliant colors of products can fade, which causes a profit loss for business owners.

anti-graffiti film las vegas

Anti-graffiti film is generally clear, which means vandals will not even be aware they are not spraying paint directly on a window or glass door. Even though many commercial property owners prefer clear anti-graffiti film, some owners choose a film that works with the aesthetics of their storefront. Different colors and tint can be installed, which works well with even the most unique showrooms and front window displays.

Cleaning commercial anti-graffiti film is simple. Most film is made from a polyester laminate; therefore a soft damp cloth or mild soap is all that is required to quickly bring life back into a commercial glass window or door.



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