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Comfort’s just around the corner.

The solution’s closer than you think. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat in Las Vegas area , increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, we have a window film to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle.

Get the ultimate in comfort and clarity.

3m Crystalline films



The 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film rejects more heat than many darker films without changing your car’s appearance. Is a multilayer film combining more than 200 layers thinner than a Post-it Note. While allowing 90% of light into your vehicle, these films reject up to 97% of heat-producing infrared light and block as much as 62% of the heat entering through your windows.

shades –


70% light,

40% Nevada Legal

and 20% dark.


Stay Cool with 3M Color Stable films


Outstanding heat reduction and clarity you can rely on for years to come.

3Ms color stable is a very unique film with a nano-carbon technology ,which is why the product will holdits color with extreme color stability even in the hottest areas to ensure a lifetime of performance with 0% chance of ever turning purple. The 3M/Color Stable film incorporates nano-carbon polyester, significantly reducing heat and blocking 99% of UV rays up to SPF1000 to protect both your skin and your carís interior colors. 3M CS products are life-time warrantied and do not interfere with cell phone, radio and satellite signals.

shades –

5% Dark Limo

20% medium dark

35% NV legal

50% light

 we also carry suntek window films

Suntek High Performance.
window Film Rating: Good


–Our entry level film is Suntek High Performance: A dyed-metal, hybrid construction.
Great heat rejection and glare reduction. Excellent optical clarity with a glossy charcoal look.
Lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure and delamination.

*3 year warranty aganist fading


35% NV Legal

20% medium dark

05% dark limo



Suntek Carbon Window Films.
window film Rating: Better

our next quality film is Suntek Carbon: A proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative Carbon technology. Good heat rejection with added UV protection. No metal layers that can cause interference with radio or navigation system signals on high-end vehicles. Lifetime warranty against FADING, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure and delamination.


70% ultra clear

55% clear

35% NV Legal

18% medium dark

05% Dark Limo.

 Suntek CIR Ceramic Window Films.
Window Film Rating: Best

SunTek’s CIR window tint is one of the best window films available, ceramic window tint prevents the highest percentage of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared rays from penetrating vehicle windows. Ceramic Window Tint is Nonconductive and Non-Metallic.
Ceramic window tints successfully blocks harmful UV rays, which can cause window tints to fade, and infrared rays, which carry heat and causes the interior of cars to heat up.
The latest in Ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid Carbon technology
Exceptional heat, infrared and UV rejection increases comfort while providing high-end performance for high-end vehicles
Blocks over 99% of harmful ultraviolet light to protect vehicle occupants as well as the interior
Signal enabling technology that causes no interference with cell phone, radio or navigation system signals
Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty, that includes fading.

70% Ultra Clear

50% clear

35% NV legal

20% medium dark

05% Dark Limo.




Windshield UV Film

Help protect yourself and your passengers as well as your car’s interior.

You may not realize it, but with every carpool, commute and country drive, you accumulate UV exposure. According to The Archives of Dermatology, dangerous radiation from the sun is associated with about 90% of all skin cancers. UV rays also take a toll on fabrics and plastics, which absorb UV light and then fade, change color, weaken or break down.
3M crystalline 90% Automotive Window Films can help:

Block up to 99% of harmful UV raysReject heat, light and radiation to make your ride more comfortable Protect yourself and your passengers


Security Film

3M™ Scotchshield™ Automotive Security Window Films

Add an extra layer of security to your vehicle. Now Available in Las Vegas Nevada!.

  • Make your valuables hard to see and harder to steal with 3M™ Scotchshield™ Automotive Security Window Films. These films create a barrier that takes more time and effort to penetrate, which can cause an anxious thief to abandon his target or avoid cars with window tinting all together.

    • Help protect your car and belongings against theft
    • Reduce the potential for injury in an accident
    • Help keep your belongings away from prying eyes
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