Windshield Protection

New legal, clear heat-blocking front windshield film!

Everyday hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas valley residents drive through the city staring directly into the hot sun! We all know vegas heat is no joke! Put an end to the misery now, You’ll be glad you did! Come by down to Avalos tint workshop and one of our pros can install a fully legal film on your vehicle’s front windshield.

If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look Then 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film is for you. 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it Note.

This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films, without changing your car’s appearance. Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Crystalline window films reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat producing infrared light and block up
to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. These spectrally-selective films are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and protected. Designed to maintain the appearance of your car, Crystalline films allow up to 90% of the light into your vehicle. Because these films are non-metallized, you can be assured of zero interference with GPS or cell phone signals.



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